The Music Factory is a unique music and media company that has a reputation for providing innovative and engaging content for a range of markets within the entertainment industry. Newly relocated at the Tileyard North, The Music Factory boasts tens of millions of record sales, worldwide number one singles and catalogue of 15,000 sound recordings, publishing rights and brands.

Sat at the heart of this globally owned catalogue of intellectual property is the artist and brand – Jive Bunny & the Mastermixers, who took the world by storm in 1989, achieving three consecutive UK number one singles, 13 world-wide number one singles and a triple platinum album.

Alongside the Music Factory sits a group of associated companies working across the music, events and education sectors.

Pure Energy GO

While leading innovation in the fitness industry, Pure Energy GO exists to provide gym operators and fitness professionals with a unique music service designed specifically for the fitness industry.

Removing music licensing complications, Pure Energy GO will become the leading digital service provider (DSP) for the fitness industry, creating structured class content, greatly reducing the cost of using music in exercise classes and providing a quality and reliable service for the fitness industry.


Established in 1986, Mastermix is Europe’s leading Professional DJ Service, delivering innovative music concepts and specialist products to enhance DJ sets and events.

Mastermix is driven by DJs and producers with extensive industry knowledge and experience and is focused on growing and expanding its online platform to become the ultimate destination for DJs.

Tidy Trax

Tidy Trax – a key component in the growing Tidy Limited Empire – has been a pioneer for over 27 years, as one of the UK’s most successful independent dance record labels, with over 1,500 releases.

Founded in 1995 by the Tidy Boys (Andy Pickles and Amadeus Mozart), Tidy Trax has grown from a label into an events company, hosting club events to the world-renowned Tidy Weekender and numerous global tours.

Music Factory Recordings

The Music Factory’s focus is on building one of the highest quality catalogues of sound recordings in the UK.

This catalogue includes the global multi-million selling Jive Bunny content and the million selling children’s content from the ‘My First…’ series of albums also available for license.

Music Factory Entertainment Group exclusively own 100% of the Master Recording rights for the World in all of the catalogue recordings, these rights are unencumbered by any third party or artist interests.

North Star 360

North Star 360 is a comprehensive music industry training and development programme offering a range of 8-week courses. From Music Production, Event Management, Music Business Management, Creative Design, Songwriting, and Photography, these are all designed to help young people achieve their goals in the music industry.

With a focus on providing students with hands-on, practical experience, each of the courses are taught by industry professionals with a wealth of experience and expertise.